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∙ Do the manual tasks keep piling up?

∙ Are you still using a printed Excel document to keep track of your to-dos?

∙ Do you need to fix your follow up?

∙ Do you wish you had more time for the important things?
The Wild Fig Process Will Get You There!
Here's how we save our clients 30-40 hours per month and greatly improve their business results!

We make it easy for your new clients!
We create and embed easy-to-use forms on your website. They can be a part of your existing page, added as a menu item or even pop-up automatically - like... Schedule a Tour Today!
Enable automation for your sales process
We build an automated sales followup process to let you know when to reach out to your clients. We automatically send email and text reminders to your clients for upcoming tours and meetings. We remind you of your meetings through text and email and send you tasks for any pre-work!
Create unique and automatic communication
This ensures that your clients get the right information at the right time, to avoid confusion and not overwhelm. We send them initial welcome emails with high level info, followed by perfectly timed communication based upon their event date!
Automatically follow up with your clients
Automated followup will get you more qualified leads! Send a simple email reminding them of their special day! Get a reminder to send (or even automatically send) a small gift or hand-written thank you. Think about how many people enjoyed this magical event and who they might know that would love the same experience! Help them refer their friends and family for another special event!!
Here is an Example of a Wedding Event Automated System
We would be glad to walk you through this and discuss how you could automate your communication across a 12-18 month calendar - without managing a single thing!
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